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Become a Dog Godparent

What does it mean to become a Dog Godparent?

It means you’ll be the one ensuring that one dog’s days in our shelter are filled with as much happiness as possible, ensuring receive all he/she needs and deserves. It means you’ll receive regular updates, photos, and videos about your dog and you’ll be keeping an eye on her/his well-being. It means that one more dog in our shelter will have someone special, someone who cares deeply for him/her, whose thoughts are always with him/her. Who knows, you might even assist us in finding him/her a forever home. Ultimately, just knowing that there are people standing with us staunchly means a great deal and propels us forward.

Monthly contribution

The monthly contribution for godparents is not fixed – you decide the amount yourself. For reference, the cost of food for one dog is 15 EUR per month. When factoring in the salaries of workers, veterinarians, and other essential services, the minimum monthly cost per dog is 25 EUR. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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Become dog godparent - Srce za šapu

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